Memorial Day Weekend!

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Memorial Day Weekend Specials

Ripple distillate powder and gummies: buy 2, get one for a penny!

Billo: buy 2 vape cartridges, get a Billo concentrate for $5!

Canyon Cultivation: buy one get one 25% off!


COVID-19 Guidelines

PLEASE place orders ONLINE, then WAIT at home until you've gotten a text or email with your total - this will save you time when you arrive

Online orders do NOT calculate the taxes - you will receive a text or email when the order is ready for pickup with your total due

Please do NOT come to the store before you've received a text or email that your order is ready for pickup

If you can't order ahead, there will be a separate line for you to wait in before entering the store

Do not obstruct traffic OR park at the brewery/distillery. If all parking spots are filled, you will need to circle the block or come back another time

PLEASE come with your cash already in hand. Online orders will send a confirmation text or e mail  with your total due

We are operating at 50% staff so please be patient - online orders may take hours to fill so order ahead and wait for the text or email.

Thank you for your patience during this unusual time!


Escape Artists Pro Sport Cream specifically targets muscles affected by strenuous physical activity. Pro Sport cream is ideal for physical therapists, athletic coaches, sports trainers and anyone who feels muscles ache after athletic activity.


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Root of it All 

Rewind Salve



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135mg CBD and 45mg THC, PLUS an Ayurvedic blend of turmeric, black pepper, and cloves; ingredients known to soothe aches and pains from sore muscles and joints, naturally. Contains beeswax to enhance and moisturize skin while the plant medicine penetrates for pain relief.


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