COVID-19 Procedures

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COVID-19 Guidelines

PLEASE place orders ONLINE, then WAIT at home until you've gotten a text or email with your total - this will save you time when you arrive

Online orders do NOT calculate the taxes - you will receive a text or email when the order is ready for pickup with your total due

Please do NOT come to the store before you've received a text or email that your order is ready for pickup

If you can't order ahead, there will be a separate line for you to wait in before entering the store

Do not obstruct traffic OR park at the brewery/distillery. If all parking spots are filled, you will need to circle the block or come back another time

PLEASE come with your cash already in hand. Online orders will send a confirmation text or e mail  with your total due

We are operating at 50% staff so please be patient - online orders may take hours to fill so order ahead and wait for the text or email.

Thank you for your patience during this unusual time!


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